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Bespoke Courses

GRH are able to adapt our existing courses and create entirely new courses based on your specific requirements.
If you are interested in chatting about a bespoke course then please contact us.

GRH Training Consultancy Ltd. currently very successfully runs the Family Learning Contract in this area and in 2014 was awarded a Highly Commended Certificate for its Outstanding Contribution to the Community.

The company has a number of experienced freelance tutors, with the potential of taking on others, who cover a wide range of subjects and can be flexible in their approach to deliver workshops, ad hoc sessions, courses, etc. Explore and discover a unique way to utilise your funding by having a bespoke course to meet your needs.

GRHT offers courses that cover a range of categories; however, we are open to new ideas either based on courses already delivered or different subject matters. As an example our original Cookery Course was Off to Bake! Due to specific requests from organisations we now deliver a range of different courses, e.g. Christmas on a Budget, Family Cookery, and Budget and Healthy Lunchboxes. The company has also delivered one-off Pack-a-Picnic Sessions where parents and children have prepared their own food and then gone along to a local park and enjoyed the picnic together as a group.

Newly Introduced Course - we were asked recently to provide some relaxation and breathing technique sessions for families and GRHT was able to utilise a new Associate to deliver Playing with Posture Courses that will be a combination of The Alexander Technique and Pilates.

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